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History and Purpose

The Association of Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) established the J. Keith Brimacombe Memorial Lecture Award in 1999 to honor Dr. J. Keith Brimacombe's outstanding accomplishments in the area of process metallurgy, his dedication to the steel industry and his profound effect on people in the industry.
This Award is presented every other even year to recognize an individual dedicated to the advancement of the steel industry. Following early notification (approximately two years in advance), the Award recipient presents a lecture on a subject of particular interest to the Association. The honorary lecture is now presented at an annual AISTech Convention.

Past Award Recipients and Lectures

2000 - Indira V. Samarasekera
"Ingenuity and Innovation–The Hallmarks of Brimacombe's Pioneering Contributions to Steel Processing"

2001 - Brian G. Thomas
“Modeling of the Continuous Casting of Steel: Past, Present and Future”

2002  - Alex McLean
"The Science and Technology of Steelmaking – Measurements, Models and Manufacturing"

2004 - Richard J. Fruehan
“Research on Sustainable Steelmaking”

2006 - John R. Stubbles
"The Minimill Story"

2008 - Kent D. Peaslee
"Opportunities and Challenges in Steel Manufacturing: Engineering a Brighter Future."

2010 - Chenn Q. Zhou
"Visualizing the Future in Steel Manufacturing"

2012 - Alan W. Cramb
"Steel Research - Then, Now and Tomorrow"

2014 - David K. Matlock
"Perspectives on Industry/University Partnerships
to Support Innovations in the Steel Industry"

2016 - Peter D. Hodgson
"Engineering Steels at the Nanoscale for Improved Performance"

*The above downloadable papers were provided by the generosity and permission of the Association of Iron & Steel Technology and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society of AIME.

Nomination and Selection Process:

Any AIST member can make a nomination. Nominations are made by completing Sections 1 through 5 of the AIST Award Nomination Form (see below). The Nomination must be accompanied by at least one letter of endorsement, a biography and a brief description of the attributes of the Nominee.

The AIST Awards Program Committee shall select a final candidate. The Lecture topic of a selected recipient must be pre-approved by the AIST Conference Steering Committee chair.

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