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Keith Brimacombe strongly believed in transferring to the shop floor technical knowledge gained from both academic and industrial research. He worked tirelessly to apply research results in a way that favorably impacts quality and/or productivity in our industry.

In recognition of Keith’s fervent passion, the Brimacombe Continuous Casting Course has established a Course Award equivalent to CD$1,000. This Award is to be presented annually to the author(s) of an article (a paper or write-up) that in the opinion of the Course Instructors best describes an example of technical information acquired or discussed in the Course and then subsequently applied on the shop floor for the betterment of quality and/or productivity.

Guidelines for Consideration of the Award

  1. Your write-up must include (a) reference to specific technical knowledge acquired by attending the Course (b) a discussion of how this knowledge was subsequently applied in your plant and (c) a brief discussion of any benefit your plant or business derived in quality, productivity, or profitability from application of this knowledge.

  2. The author of the write-up must be an individual who attended the Brimacombe Continuous Casting Course within 2 years prior to submission of the write-up and is an employee of the described plant at the time of the award. The Award may be shared among co-authors but any co-author must be a current employee of the plant or business and also must have attended the Course within the previous 2 years.

  3. The recipient of the Award will be announced at the next presentation of the Course and a copy of the write up will be included in the Course Notes for that year. A single Award cheque will be sent to the primary author.

  4. For consideration, the write-up must be received by February 15 of the year of the Award.

Email the write-up as an attached pdf file to

Please remember to mail from or include the preferred email address that we should use in contacting you.  Good luck!

Updated: 11/04/2017



The Brimacombe Continuous Casting Course is pleased to present the 2014 Course Award to Jackie Leung, Researcher - Primary Processing at ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc., Global Research and Development, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Jackie attended the Course in 2013 and subsequently submitted a paper entitled “Breakout Investigation at ArcelorMittal Dofasco #2 Continuous Caster.”  He felt that information from the Course was instrumental in understanding the mech­anism of the breakout event.


Jackie Leung graduated with a Master degree in Materials Engineering from McMaster University in Hamilton, with a focus on solidification.  Previous to that, he earned a Bachelor degree in Materials Engineering and Management, also from McMaster. 


He currently works at ArcelorMittal Dofasco as a researcher in the area of steel­making and continu­ous casting.  His primary work involves improving slab quality and increasing strand casting speed.  Prior to joining Arcelor­Mittal, Jackie worked as a process engineer at Silicor Materials – a company that purified and cast silicon metal for the photo­voltaic industry.


  The Course Instructors join in congratulating Jackie Leung for winning the 2014 Course Award!